Performance Workshops

Our performance optimization workshops are focused on providing you the information that you need to solve your most difficult problems, create operational strategies that support both efficient production and environmental compliance, and create maintenance strategies that will lead to cost-effective performance improvements and reliability. Our workshops process helps you to learn the basics of the equipment through applying it to problems that you are currently trying to solve. We don’t offer generic presentations because you don’t have generic equipment.

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Often, the answers are in the data available at the plant. Our collaborative process is designed to help you sift through the information, identify simple paths forward, and help you to identify where the greatest opportunities reside. We take the time to understand your situation, challenges, and objectives so that we can tailor the workshops to best meet each attendees need.

Just like our analytical approach, we don’t look at problems in a silo. You will learn how the systems interact with one another, with injection systems and fuel changes, how process influences performance and reliability, and how to look at the equipment as part of the larger system. Attend one of our upcoming sessions to gain the knowledge you need in a way that lets you apply it to the challenges you are facing.

PDH Hours

Earn 12 professional development hours.


Gain the knowledge you need to apply to your current challenges and objectives.


Ideal for managers, directors, engineers, planners, and equipment owners.

Take Away

Consistent compliance, make best use of all outages, optimize equipment for varying conditions, optimize spending.

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Upcoming Sessions



Environmental Compliance Cost Reduction Workshop

Willoughby, OH - Neundorfer Offices

Optimizing SO3 Systems in Multiple-Unit Plants

Duke Energy Beckjord: SO3

Installing separate SO3 flue gas conditioning systems on two units at Duke Energy's Beckjord Power Plant fixed ongoing struggles to maintain acceptable stack emission levels. Neundorfer provided one of the SO3 systems, and helped Duke Energy save mon ...

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"The greatest benefit is that we can now prevent emissions from ever exceeding established opacity limits, and it does not require our round-the-clock attention."

Alan Burck

Plant Engineer, Duke Energy Beckjord Station

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