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In today’s industrial environment, data is abundant, but the knowledge and processes required to make use of that data is often difficult to obtain. With the limited time and resources available, it is essential that your learning be targeted to your plant, your equipment, and your issues. Our workshops, offered in a variety of locations over the course of a year, offer the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of industry experts as you work through your objectives, issues, and compliance concerns.

Our collaborative process is designed to get to the root importance of your issues, so that your knowledge gain is focused on what matters the most to you. We offer problem solving sessions, not generic presentations. You will not only learn fundamental theory, operations, and maintenance, but also how to evaluate the economic, production, and environmental benefits of operational strategies, maintenance practices, efficiency gains, and optimization or upgrades of equipment. We also offer trainings that can be focused on specific operational excellence, problem solving, and equipment training needs. Although the focus for each is different, all of our offerings emphasize how the equipment fits within your plant process so that you are able to readily apply your new knowledge to make improvements at your plant.

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Neundorfer’s workshops are perfect for individuals in the cement, utility, pulp & paper, lime, metals, and other industrial processes.


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Our 2-day collaborative courses take place from 7:30am – 3:00pm each day and provide a balance of theory, application, and operational learning.


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Types of Training Courses

Performance Workshops

These workshops offer an opportunity to learn more about how to apply performance-based maintenance and operational practices at your plant so that you are able to develop operational strategies, maintenance plans, and improvements or upgrades that will get you the results you need.

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Equipment Training

These workshops offer an opportunity to learn more about the equipment that you have onsite. By learning how it operates and how it fits within the environmental compliance scheme at your plant, you will be able to improve your operational, maintenance, and troubleshooting practices.

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Custom Training

Our training process is designed to find the root importance of your issues, identify simple paths forward, and build the intelligence at your plant to sustain the results you need. We can help you find the improvements, efficiencies, and opportunities in your plant while building your workforce knowledge.

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Other Industry Training Courses

IStormLogof you are looking for utility boiler combustion and performance optimization training, we recommend the Short Course offered by Storm Technologies.  These three-day seminars are offered at various times and locations, and offer in-depth information that will help you to optimize boiler performance.  More information on these seminars can be found on their website


Upcoming Sessions



Savannah Precipitator O&M Training

Savannah, GA - Brice Hotel - Downtown Savannah



Wisconsin Precipitator and Baghouse O&M Training

Madison, WI - Hilton Madison Monona Terrace



Salt Lake City Precipitator & Baghouse O&M Training

Salt Lake City, UT - The Little America Hotel - Salt Lake City

Holistic Troubleshooting Helps Resolve Baghouse Cleaning Issues

Sonic Horn Success Story

The most obvious fix turned out not to be the best one when Neundorfer helped a utility resolve baghouse cleaning issues that were limiting its ability to run at full load. Use of a multi-phase planning process and holistic troubleshooting approach y ...

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"Neundorfer's holistic troubleshooting approach helped our customer complete a high-profile project and return to full load, despite budget constraints. "

Southern Coal-Fired Utility

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