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A Unique, Outcome-Based Solution Process

Neundorfer strives to create strong, long-term relationships with our customer partners, collaborating with you to achieve the lowest cost per unit of pollutant removal. With extensive field experience and gifted, knowledgeable employees, Neundorfer delves into problems to understand the root cause of your issues and the process variables influencing your operations and maintenance. We use this knowledge, along with our ability to understand the interplay of people, process, budget and technical considerations, to develop the most cost-effective solutions for your systems’ reliability, flexibility and emissions compliance.

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What Are Your Challenges?

Neundorfer provides a full complement of professional and technical services for our customers to achieve results that improve their operations. Here at Neundorfer, we believe in continuous learning from our customers and the projects we work on with them so we can apply our knowledge in every new application. As a result, Neundorfer creates unsurpassed value from our services.

Neundorfer Consulting & Custom Solutions In-Depth
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New emissions standards are pushing plant owners and operators to do more, with less, in shorter and shorter timeframes. Partner with Neundorfer to ensure your company is in compliance.

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Knowing how your equipment is operating, where to focus your maintenance budget and how to account for process factors is key to achieving your lowest cost per unit of pollutant removal. Partner with Neundorfer to learn how you can select and implement the most cost-effective solutions and conduct performance-based maintenance on your equipment.

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The markets that our plants operate in are very dynamic, always changing with ever increasing speed. Partner with Neundorfer to learn how to optimize your air pollution control equipment to run effectively under all of the various operating conditions you may expect to see.

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New emissions standards require your air pollution control equipment to operate flawlessly all the time. Partner with Neundorfer to determine where your weak links may be, what impact they will have on operations, and what maintenance you can perform to best improve your equipment reliability and keep down time at a minimum.

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Workforce Development

Air pollution control systems are getting more complex while operational requirements are getting more stringent. In order to operate and maintain air pollution control equipment within the required performance and budget parameters, we all have to work smarter. Plant employees need broad and deep knowledge of the equipment they are working on, how it interacts with other systems, the performance requirements, and how to keep it running efficiently and reliably.

Neundorfer’s regional workshops, equipment training and customized workshops will work to build that focused knowledge within your organization.

Performance Workshops

Neundorfer’s consultative workshops are designed to support you in learning more about your plant, processes, and APC equipment. Working alongside our experts, you will learn how to recognize, explain and develop remedies to solve issues that may occur at your plant. If you would like us to apply our analytic and experiential knowledge to your plant, challenges or issues, register for one of our upcoming sessions!

Equipment Training

Neundorfer offers equipment training sessions across the country for our customers who need to expand their knowledge of precipitators, baghouses, sorbent injection systems, and related subsystems. These sessions are tailored to your plant-specific equipment and emphasize peer-to-peer learning and practice sharing. You will leave with knowledge of equipment fundamentals, maintenance and operational practices, and troubleshooting skills that you can apply at your plant. Join us at one of our upcoming sessions!

Upcoming Events

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Orlando Baghouse Training - February 2019

Orlando, FL - Courtyard Orlando in the Marriott Village



Orlando Precipitator Basics Training

Orlando, FL - Courtyard Orlando in the Marriott Village



Orlando Precipitator Performance and Outage Planning 2019

Orlando, FL - Courtyard Orlando in the Marriott Village



Hilton Head Precipitator Basics Training

Hilton Head Island, SC - The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort
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Customized Training

for Your Staff

Workforce development isn’t just about information sharing, it is about gaining knowledge so it can be put into practice to benefit your plant. And to most effectively develop the knowledge base within your organization, training should be led by industry experts with application knowledge who understand workforce development.

Our practical, interactive training will address your current challenges and knowledge gaps while engaging attendees in developing best practices and processes for your plant.

If you would like to talk with us about your needs and how customized training may support your workforce objectives, please let us know.

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Learn how we can work together to help you solve a problem or identify opportunities to improve.

Learn how we can work together to help you solve a problem

or identify opportunities to improve.

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